Yellow Lensball Photography - Together

Yellow Lensball Photography - Together

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Simon Bond

Camera model - Canon 5D Mark II

Lens - Canon 135mm F2L

Camera settings - F4.5, 1/2000th, ISO 500

Date taken - May 21st 2010

Location - Geoje island - South Korea

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How was this Lensball photo taken?

This photo shows a typical Lensball photo but with a twist, in this case the glass used is yellow. Yellow works well because it's still transparent, and can give the image the appearance of selective colour.

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The use of colour contrast

One of the key aspects of this photo is the colour interplay between the yellow ball and the gray stones. This really highlights the image within the ball, as yellow contrasts nicely against gray as a colour.

Long focal length compression

This photo shows how portrait photography can be applied to Lensball photography. One aspect of portrait photography with the lensball is how to deal with the people within the ball appearing the other way up in the are behind the ball. In this case a long focal length is used to compress the background, meaning the composition can cut them out of the scene. The shallow depth of field also meant the couple were further blurred out, and so are not noticeable in the photo.

Wait for the subject

The yellow ball placed on those stones while pretty, isn't enough to carry the photo. So a subject is needed within the ball, and in this case the couple provided just that. This is not a staged photo though, so patience was needed to wait for them to walk into the field of view within the lensball. Waiting for people to walk into your composition is a standard technique for good photography, whether that's Lensball photography or regular photography.

What's The Background To This Lensball Photo?

This photo was taken on a trip to Geoje island, which is located in the south of South Korea, not too far from Busan.

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Beautiful island

Geoje island is a beautiful area, and is very popular for domestic tourism. There are lots of nice coastal walks you can make in this area. In this location there were lots of interesting gray stones. These stones provide a great location to experiment with the different coloured lensball. If you have a chance to visit Geoje island, then I highly recommend it.

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