Creative Photography Webinar

How are these webinars run?

Simon offers creative photography webinars to help you improve your photography. These webinars are hosted through the zoom video conferencing platform. You'll be given a talk on subjects like Lensball photography or light painting. Simon is also open to request for different subjects to be covered in a webinar.

Do you want to join a creative photography webinar?

Creative photography school offers webinars on a regular basis. These webinars are run through the creative photography school mailing list, when you sign up for this you'll be given details of how you can join. Alternatively you can contact Simon directly, and you can arrange a webinar for your photography club, school, or other educational organization.

Lensball Webinar

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Lensball creative photography webinars will help improve the quality of your work. After the webinar you'll also be able to ask question about Lensball photography to Simon, who is an expert in this area of photography. Through the webinar you'll gain an understanding of the following.

  • Lensball -what Lensball photography is
  • Subject - what subjects make the best photos
  • Light - how best to use the light
  • Mistakes - how to avoid mistakes in your photo.
  • Settings - The best camera settings
  • Lens - Which lenses you should be using

Light painting webinar

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