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Simon Bond is from the UK, he was born in Winchester in 1978. His UK photography is predominantly in London and the south coast. Below are some ideas for places to visit, based on his experience.

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Popular locations in the United Kingdom

The list here features places in the UK Simon has visited, and don't reflect the UK as a whole. There are many beautiful places he'd like to visit, and one day he will! However for now he lives in South Korea, making further exploration of the UK difficult.

  • London - You could spend your whole trip in London, and still not cover all of it. Iconic landmarks like Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Buckingham palace are must sees. Districts like Camden town, Notting Hill, and Hampstead are nice. There are museums, art galleries and shows to see.
  • Edinburgh - The capital city of Scotland is also well worth a visit. Edinburgh castle dominates the skyline here. In fact you shouldn't just stop at Edinburgh, the really beauty is the highlands and islands.
  • Brighton - A nice day trip from London will take you to the seaside town of Brighton. Enjoy walking on the pier, or learning about the royal pavillion. If you're lucky you might even have a sunny day!
  • Stone Henge - The stone circles are an impressive engineering feat of ancient man. Built to track the stars, and the seasons. If you can visit on a solstice or equinox the spectacle is even more magnificent.
  • The Ilse of Wight - This island is located in the south of the country. It's a popular local tourist attraction. You'll see quaint villages, and Osborne house, which was Queen Victoria's summer residence .
  • The Jurassic coast - This stretch of coastline features one of the UK's most famous landmarks, the arching rock formation at Durdle Door. If you visit here, don't miss Corfe castle!

British festivals you shouldn't miss

The UK has plenty of music festivals over the summer, but there are less festivals than you find in Asia. That said here are some of the highlights.

  • Guy Fawkes night - Remember remember the 5th of November. Yes don't forget this date, and if you can visit Lewes for their fireworks shows are the best in the country.
  • Cowes week - This is a week long sailing regatta, it happens in Cowes on the Ilse of wight. The last night always features a fireworks display.
  • Round the island boat race - You may never see as many sailing boats all in one place than this day. Whether you're out on the water, or watching from land this is a spectacle.
  • Christmas - There are events across the country for Christmas, and in recent years Christmas markets have become popular. Try and take part in an outdoor carol singing service if you can.
  • Notting hill carnival - Perhaps the UK and London's biggest street festival, a great celebration of multiculturalism in the UK.

The delicious taste of British food.

It's fair to say the UK doesn't rank especially high on most people's list for the world's best food. On a personal level a lot of British food is not to my taste, the full English breakfast is one such dish I'm not fond of. This list is a reflection of my own personal taste then, and I'd recommend you try some things on it!

  • Fish and Chips - This is almost always what you think of when it comes to British food. It's really good, and don't you dare have it without vinegar!!!
  • Afternoon tea - We're not just talking the drink here, we're talking scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream!
  • Sunday roast dinner - This is a highlight of anyone's Sunday if you're from the UK. The meat could be chicken, beef, pork or lamb. Proper roast potato's, stuffing, and vegetables. It's all delicious.
  • Sticky toffee pudding - Fancy adding to your waistline, then try this! It's delicious, but very sweet.
  • Marmite - You'll either love or hate this spread, which you add to toast. It's even better with crumpets though!
  • Christmas pudding - Possibly my favourite dessert. Eaten with custard, cream and vanilla icing. The food coma will hit you like a train, but it's so worth it!