Suncheon Bay Red Sunset - South Korea

Suncheon Bay Red Sunset - South Korea

© Simon Bond 2020

Simon Bond

Camera model - Canon 5D Mark II

Lens - Canon 17-40mm f4L

Camera settings - F8, 1/4th, ISO 100

Date taken - September 20th 2019

Location - Suncheon

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How Was This Landscape Photo Taken?

Suncheon bay in South Korea is one of the landmark photos, it's not always possible to catch a great sunset but when you do it can be magnificent!

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Going on the right day

Getting a great photo from Suncheon bay is about planning the right day so you get a good sky. Expect to be underwhelmed by Suncheon bay if you just show up without any of this pre-trip planning. So what goes into getting this right?

Going at the right time - Suncheon bay is best at sunset, though if you get a blue sky with cotton clouds you can get a great photo from here before midday.

Getting the weather - Here you'll need a little luck, but you can enhance your chances. It takes an hour and a half to reach the lookout for this photo from downtown Suncheon. There is a 45 minute drive to the bay, and then a 45 minute hike to the lookout. The weather can change a lot in 90 minutes. However using websites like allows you to see the predicted weather, and better plan when to visit. This was how this photo was planned, to be a day ahead of an approach typhoon. Those clouds are caused by the outer cloud bands of the approaching storm.

Editing the photo

This photo needed some post processing to get the best results. The photo utilizes a technique called digital blending to combine several photos together. If you want to learn more about this I'd recommend visiting this website for more information. Then for the final touch the nik efex program color efex is used.

The composition

The composition options from a lookout are somewhat limited, you'll want to capture the S-line of the bay, so photographing in this direction is mandatory. That said if you're willing to forego the sunset then there are other option by photographing to your left and out to sea. Alternatively try photographing from the nearby Waon beach.

What's The Background To This Landscape Photo?

Suncheon bay wetlands is the jewel in Suncheons crown, it's a famous landmark across Korea which people travel across the country to see.

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Suncheon wetlands

This is one of the largest salt marsh wetlands of it's type anywhere in the world. It's host to lots of birds, mud-fish and plants that are adapted to salt marsh conditions. In 2013 Suncheon hosted the garden expo, which led to investment in the Suncheon bay area. You can now visit Suncheon garden expo, and then Suncheon bay for one price. It's a typical option for tourists visiting the Suncheon bay area. Those wanting to enjoy Suncheon bay for free may consider visiting the nearby Waon beach.


These buses are from downtown Suncheon, and can be caught from outside the train station or the express bus terminal.

Suncheon bay - Catch bus number 66

Waon beach - Catch bus 97 or 98.

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