South Korea Photos Gallery

South Korea has been Simon's home since 2006, he has many South Korea photos from his time here. Through this gallery he hopes you'll discover and want to visit the land of the morning calm.

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Popular locations in South Korea

The list of places you should visit is long, and far too numerous to really do justice here. This then is a shortened highlights. Simon's South Korea photos reflect this list, which hidden gems do you want to see?

  • Seoul - Seoul is South Korea's capital city. You need days to see this place, as there is a lot of diversity in styles on offer. Do you want culture at Gyeongbokgung Palace, or a taste of the urban future at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza?
  • Busan - Busan is South Korea's second city. It's a beautiful city that sits on the coast, with epic views to be found from the mountains in the city.
  • Gyeongju - South Korea's cultural capital is Gyeongju. It has many amazing sites to see like Bulguksa, Tumuli park and Anapji pond.
  • Jeju island - Recently voted one of the new natural wonders of the world, Jeju island has a lot to offer. The island is dominated by the extinct volcano, Hallasan.
  • Cherry blossom season - South Korea has some of the very best cherry blossom trees anywhere in the world. Jinhae is well known, but if you can reach the Hwagae junction in the foothills of the Jiri mountain range you'll be blown away.
  • Boseong green tea fields - Not far from where Simon lives in South Korea are the pristine Green tea fields at Boseong, a photographers paradise with all those lines.
  • Temples - South Korea's Buddhist heritage means it has many amazing temples to see. The highlights here include Tapsa, Songkwangsa, and Samgwangsa in Busan when the lanterns are up for Buddha's birthday.

South Korean festivals you shouldn't miss

South Korea has a vibrant culture, and if you can visit during Autumn or Spring you'll likely be able to enjoy one of the festivals here.

  • Lotus lantern festival - Arguably South Korea's biggest festival is this three day event that take place in Seoul. It marks' Buddha's birthday.
  • Jinju lantern festival - Another large lantern festival happens in the southern city of Jinju, the river running through town is lit up at night with many floating lanterns.
  • Andong mask festival - Andong is famous for its mask dance culture, and in Autumn you can visit to see the festival. Make sure you visit Hahoe village, and see the fireworks display there on the weekend.
  • Jeongwol Daeboreum - This epic festival see's a whole mountain set on fire! Well a small hill really.

The delicious taste of South Korean food.

South Korean food tastes great, looks amazing, so of course there are South Korea photos of food! The list here reflects my own personal taste, I'm not a fan of pork so sorry Samgeopsal you don't make the list!

  • Bulgolgi - You can't go wrong with Korean BBQ, and beef is really great. Have you ever tried the duck though? That's better.....
  • Kimchi Jun - Jun is a Korean pancake, it's best with some kimchi mixed in for some added fire!
  • Andong Jimdak - This delicious chicken dish is famous in Andong. It's like a Korean chicken stew, but spicier.
  • Bibimbap - This dish is sometimes called a rice salad. It's usually all vegetable, with an egg, and has some spicy sauce to go with it.
  • Gimbap - A staple snack for while you're on the go. In Korea it fills the roll a sandwich fulfills in the west. What is it? It's a Seaweed rice wrap roll, though it can sometimes be triangular.
  • Deonjang Jjigae - The best soup in Korea, this is a soybean soup that's a little spicy. Often served with tofu and some other vegetables.