Illuminate - Singapore

A light painting workshop exploring kinetic and traditional light painting.

Become illuminated with knowledge!

Learn about the fascinating genre of light painting, you'll never look back. There are several disciplines that light painting includes. These are kinetic light painting, and light painting. In this course you'll learn techniques in both forms of light painting. You'll see how you can make light orbs, dynamic zoom bursts, and use a light wand to weave magical light paintings.

  • Kinetic light painting - This means moving the camera, while the light source is static.
  • Light painting - This means moving the light source, while the camera stays static.

What's in the course?

  • Learn what light painting is.
  • The camera setup you'll need to use.
  • Try out kinetic light painting, zoom bursting and camera rotation.
  • See the different tools you can use for light painting.
  • Try out the pixel stick, a magic wand you can use to weave the light.

What equipment do you need?

  • A camera that allows manual control of shutter speed.
  • A tripod
  • Suitable clothing for the weather. Dark clothes that won't show up in a light painting.


  • To be decided


  • 7pm - 10:00pm

Class size

  • 3 to 6 students.


  • In the event the class fails to reach 3 students the course will be cancelled. Repayment of the course fee will happen within 5 days.

Poor weather

  • In the event of rain the location of the class will be chosen so we are under cover. The course will continue.


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Who is your instructor?

About me

Your teacher at the creative photography school is Simon Bond, he's a successful photographer who mainly specializes in travel photography, but is also well known for his refraction series. Now through this website he is going to share his secrets, and show you how to make the kind of images that have featured in publications throughout the world including a cover photo for National Geographic traveler. Simon is also the publisher of 'Simple scene Sensational shot', which is suggested supplementary reading for this website.