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Hello and welcome to Creative Photography School, thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy this site. I'm Simon Bond and I have many years of experience working as a photographer, through this website I hope to pass on some of that experience to you. I'm currently living in Asia, and through photography I've been able to explore the world through my lens.

I'm broadly speaking a self taught photographer, though I cut my teeth in a darkroom. My first experience in photography came as a teenager when I studied it as a school subject. I learnt to use an SLR film camera, develop my own black and white film, and let's just say the photography bug had bitten.

On arrival in Asia I had in my hand a dSLR camera, and never really looked back. My introduction to Lensball photography, which back then was but a humble crystal ball, came in 2008. This work with a Lensball swiftly turned into a long term project, and a signature style for my photography. Even in the early days my work inspired many people, including magazine and newspaper editors. If you want to learn more about Lensball photography why not learn about it through Globalise, a Lensball photography course!

Getting Published In National Geographic Traveller

Having your worked featured on National Geographic traveler is the pinnacle for many photographers. That's something I feel very blessed to have achieved, and having the opportunity to work on a story for such a client is something I'll always treasure. That they valued my work enough to also put one of my photos on the cover wasn't something I expected at all, but is something I was very happy about.

Simon Bond Is A Published Author

Simon has seen his work published in the media for many years now, on multiple platforms. You can learn more about this below, and if you wish to commission Simon then contact him here.

Simon Bond Works As A Tour Leader

He has worked as a trip director with the American Tour company, Travel For Teens since 2016. In that time Simon has led or been involved with running trips in seven different countries in Europe and Asia. In addition to this Simon carried out the research and played a key role in setting up a new trip for Travel For Teens in South Korea, this trip began in 2017.

Simon is a keen and passionate traveler who enjoys getting an authentic experience from traveling somewhere new. You'll not find him in expensive hotels, and luxury buses. Instead he deliberately chooses to travel as independently as possible, using the available public transport. He believes living like locals is a way to get a much richer experience when traveling to somewhere new.

Simon Bond Is A Photography Educator

Simon has been an educator for many years, and brings those skills to use when teaching photography. You'll be able to choose a number of options to learn from Simon, these are listed below.

Hire Simon Bond For Your Creative Photography Project

Are you interested in using creative photography for your business or personal needs? Simon is available for hire for all kinds of commissioned work. Whether you're in the corporate world, or have more personal needs then get in touch here and you can negotiate a price with Simon.


Are you looking for some outstanding couple or portfolio portraits? Look no further for outstanding results using standard and creative photography techniques.


Inquire about using Simon as a wedding photographer for your special day. Simon has photographed many weddings and is great at capturing those small personal moments.


Event photography covers a wide area, and Simon has all the skills needed to cover your event. Whether that's a music festival, or a corporate hospitality party you'll get top results.

Trip Photographer

Are you taking that once in a lifetime vacation trip? How about using Simon's in depth experience as a traveler, and combining it will his incendiary photography skills and hire him for your trip!

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