Silhouette Gallery

This set of photos showcases a silhouette gallery built up by creative photographer Simon Bond. There are examples of the creative use of silhouettes here. You can see silhouetted buildings, people and trees in this set of images.

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A silhouette is a black shape in your image. They're often produced when photographing towards a sunset sky. Silhouettes can be produced anywhere that the subject is photographed against a much brighter background. In order to produce a good silhouette look to do the following things.

  • Angle - Make sure that you're down to a low angle, so that the bright background fills your frame.
  • Reflective surface - Sometimes you don't need to get down to a low angle, if there is a reflective surface and this also silhouettes your main subject.
  • Exposure - Expose the photo for the bright background. The aim is often to have the sky correctly exposed, but the silhouetting object completely dark.
  • Subject - Single objects work very nicely, things like trees or people. If you have a group of people you may even be able to ask them to form a shape.