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The Creative Photography School community is just a few clicks away! Waiting for you are like minded photographers who'll inspire you, led by National Geographic featured photographer Simon Bond. Those that sign up will be able to get a free Lensball e-book that will help your Lensball photography, but wait there's more! Read on to find out how else you can gain.

Join Creative Photography SchoolMembers can claim their free Lensball photography e-book.

Free Lensball e-book

Are you interested in Lensball photography? Then look no further, this e-book is for you. The book is complete with helpful tips and ideas to get you started with Lensball photography today! The title of the book Globalise share's it's name with the video course that's designed to take your Lensball photography to the next level. So whichever level you are this book can give you idea's, and help you discover your Lensball photography potential.

Get your free Lensball photography e-book today!

  • Find out the basic steps you need to take to capture the best Lensball photos.
  • Learn about how the Lensball is made, with photographs showing the glass making process.
  • See different styles of Lensball photography, and use this to inspire your own work

Are You Looking to Grow Your Photography?

  • Your looking to add that X factor to your photography.
  • You want to challenge yourself to learn new types of photography.
  • You're looking to get feedback from photographers with a similar outlook.

There are lots of different styles in photography, and here at Creative Photography School you'll be welcome to grow your style.

This is a place where you'll get constructive feedback to improve the photography you do, and access to resources that will allow you to branch out with your style for even more creativity.

You're guide in this journey is creative photographer Simon Bond. He's had experience of refining his style, and going through the roadblocks in the creative process himself. This is a vital part of the creative process, and you'll benefit from the knowledge he can pass on. His work has since featured in many magazines, including National Geographic Traveler.

Create The WOW Factor!

Join Creative Photography SchoolMembers can claim their free Lensball photography e-book.

Private Photography Group

You'll have the unique opportunity to join an exclusive facebook group, it's only for members of Creative Photography School. The community is free to join, and you'll benefit from interacting with like minded photographers. The group is not just about Lensball or light painting photography, and is welcome to all forms of creative photography.

  • Monthly challenges to stretch your photography.
  • Twice a year photo contests, prizes available.
  • Post your photos, and gain more exposure.
  • Give and recieive feedback on photos, a great way to learn.


As a member of the Creative Photography School you'll be able to attend exclusive webinars. These will be run by Creative Photography School photographer Simon Bond, and selected other speakers. In order to join these webinars you'll need to join the community. There are currently four webinars being run, find out more below.

Create The WOW Factor!

Join Creative Photography SchoolMembers can claim their free Lensball photography e-book.

Unique Content

In addition to the free Lensball e-book and other community support, you'll also receive a regular newsletter giving you all the latest information about what's going on at Creative Photography school. So what can you expect from these newsletters?

  • Get exclusive articles about all aspects of creative photography that will enhance your work.
  • Find out first about product launches from Creative Photography School, together with early bird discounts.
  • Learn about upcoming webinars, and get replays from webinars you've missed.
  • Get big discounts on products for sale events like black friday.

Get To Know Simon Bond

Hello and welcome to the Creative Photography School. I'm Simon Bond and I setup this website to help people like you improve their photography.

I'm passionate about photography, and have many years of experience in the field. You'll notice my signature style is with the Lensball, but I really love all forms of photography and love to explore new genres.

My work as a professional photographer has been used by leading stock agencies like Getty images, and magazines like National Geographic traveler. Now you'll benefit from the experience I have gained, through knowledge I can pass on to you.

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Join Creative Photography SchoolMembers can claim their free Lensball photography e-book.