London pixelstick workshop



If you're interested in the latest advance in light painting join the pixelstick light painting workshop in London. This comprehensive guide to using the pixelstick will leave you well grounded in its creative potential. The course is run over 2 days, with most of the contact time occurring after it gets dark.

  • March 18th-19th led by Simon Bond AVAILABLE
  • March 20th-21st led by Simon Bond AVAILABLE
  • March 22nd-23rd led by Simon Bond AVAILABLE
  • March 24th-25th led by Simon Bond AVAILABLE

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Day 1 - Abstract light painting and portrait light painting.

On the first day you'll learn all there is to know about controlling the pixelstick. You'll see how you can change the image the stick emits, and then look at how this can be applied on location. You'll learn the different types of patterns you can create, and then how to do light painting for portraits.

Day 2 - Creating a stop motion video with the pixelstick

You'll tie up the loose ends from the previous night photography, with some post processing work. Then you'll look at how to create a stop motion video using sample photos, before going out and taking the images to create your own video.

Join in with the creativity!

  • Total cost - £300

  • Total number of participants - 5

  • Dinner included both days (not including drinks, or desert)

  • A tripod and dSLR camera are required.

  • A external shutter release with a lock function is desirable.

  •  4 hours of post-processing work, and some processing work on pixelstick files.
  • 6 hours of shooting with the pixelstick, done in the form of demonstration and then practice.
  • Learn about how to create abstract light patterns.
  • Take portrait photos with light patterns in the background.
  • Take a series of photos to create a stop motion movie with the pixelstick.
  • Expert tuition from a national geographic featured photographer, who is known for his creativity.
Cancellation and refund policy

In the event you need to cancel this workshop we'll aim to fill the place you have vacated, in the event your place is filled you will be given a full refund. In the event you cancel your place, and the position is unfilled the following refund policy is in effect.

14 days - 75% refund       7 days - 50% refund      less than 6 days - no refund


In the event of bad weather the workshop will still take place, but the location maybe modified as a result. Camera equipment and the pixelstick can be effected by wet conditions, so an area that's undercover will be chosen in this event. Great images can be achieved with the pixelstick in areas that are undercover, though of course it's hoped the weather will be good.