Light Painting Gallery

This set of photos showcases a light painting gallery built up by creative photographer Simon Bond. There are examples of light painting, kinetic light painting, and traffic light trails here.

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Light painting

This type of photography uses long exposure photos, while a point of light is moved in front of the camera. The light source could be as simple as a torch, or a more complex device like and LED light stick. In this light painting gallery you can enjoy all kinds of photos, many here were produced using the pixelstick.

Kinetic light painting

This is a different form of light painting, but can be just as creative. In this case the light source remains stationary, but the camera moves. The most common forms of kinetic light painting are zoom bursts, and camera rotation. Kinetic light painting is the night time version of intentional camera movement. Once again this light painting gallery contains examples of this form of photography.

Traffic light trails

Not always considered a form of light painting, there is a lot of creativity you can add to a photo by correctly incorporating some traffic light trails. You'll see many different examples of how to take photos with traffic light trails in this set of photos.


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