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Lensball Photography - Seonamsa, South Korea

Simon Bond

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How Was The Photo Taken?

This photo is quite a complex image, and used several photo's that were blended together to produce the final result. The image uses Lensball photography, with refraction seen within the Lensball itself. There are several steps to creating an image like this, so let's talk about them here.

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1. Selecting a good location to capture the image within the ball was important. The temple forms the focal point here, with the branch of the cherry blossom tree arc over the top of the Lensball.

2. The intention was to have nice pink bokeh surrounding the ball as well, and this was produced using the relatively large aperture of f4.

3. For this photo I wanted to capture a good amount of area around the ball to give the image more context. To do that I've used a wide angle lens. This is not typical for Lensball photography, but when used well a wide angle lens in conjunction with a Lensball can produce amazing results.

4. The next step is getting the crystal ball to float. This is a more advanced lensball photography technique, and requires several photos to produce and then further work in Photoshop. Those wishing to learn how this is done can learn about it in Globalise, which is a video course teaching lensball photography. Click here to learn more about this.

5 - The final step is another trick I teach about Lensball photography. This time it's using Photoshop to flip the image within the ball, so it's the same orientation as the background. You can learn all about this process by visiting this youtube tutorial on the subject. Once again click here to find out about this.

What's The Background To This Photo?

Seonamsa temple is a beautiful temple found in the Jeollanamdo province of South Korea, it's quite close to the town of Suncheon.

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It's sits at the base of Jogyesan national park, from which you can hike to another temple called Songkwansa. This temple can be especially nice during spring when the pink cherry blossom trees bloom at the temple. These blossoms are some of the last to come out during spring, and bloom around two weeks after the more famous white cherry blossoms. 

This is a location I've visited before, and it's always good to approach a location with a fresh perspective. I wanted to visit here to capture the pink blossoms, and incorporate them into my photo. The Lensball photo was successfully captured, and is another nice spring photo captured by me during the spring of 2020.

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Camera model - Canon 5D MkIII

Lens - Canon 17-40mm f4L

Aperture - f4

Shutter speed - 1/500th

ISO - 250

Focal distance - 30mm

Date taken - 18th April 2020


Seonamsa - South Korea

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