Lensball Gallery

This gallery displays photographs taken by leading lensball photography Simon Bond. This lensball gallery features photographs taken since Simon first picked up a crystal ball in 2008.

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The concept behind lensball photography uses the scientific effect known as refraction. Refraction is caused when light passes through an object of denser mass, when it does so it bends. In a spherical glass ball the light bends, and an upside down image of the background can be seen inside the glass ball.

The way lensball capture an image in a fisheye lens like effect works very well for photography. it means you can capture a scene, within a scene. The main subject is of course the lensball, how the background is composed becomes the creative choice of the photographer. Will you blur out the background to bokeh, or incorporate it as part of the photo?

This series of photos has turned into a lensball gallery. The series is diverse and includes portraits, landscapes and still life photos all taken with the lensball, for this lensball gallery. There are photos uploaded to this gallery on a regular basis, so please check back for more updates.

Those wanting to learn more about lensball photography can do so by reading one of the many blog posts Simon has written on the subject for digital photography school. If you want to learn even more on the subject then why not buy the lensball photography course Globalise? The course covers all aspects of lensball photography. Have you seen a photo you like in this lensball gallery? Then you can learn how to take that photo with globalise!