Your Instructor

Hi I'm Simon Bond and I'm the owner of creative photography school. I have been taking photos professionally for over 10 years now, and now with this site I am sharing my secrets with you. I have been involved in photography education for a number of years now, and you can see examples of my articles at Digital Photography School.

My experience in the field has seen me featured on the front cover of National Geographic traveler, and my lensball photography has been featured in several magazines. If you want to take professional level photos that get used by magazine editors then Globalise will give you the knowledge you need.

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What's In The Course?

In this course you'll learn all aspects of lensball photography from the expert in this field, Simon Bond. His lensball work has been featured in national newspapers and magazines. You'll now have the opportunity to learn all his secrets, with all the minor details covered to help improve your work. The course covers the major photography genres of landscape, portrait and still life work all with the lensball. Then advanced techniques like creating the "floating ball" photo will also be covered.

  • Length - You'll receive almost 2 hours of video tutorials.
  • Sections - The course is divided into six sections, roughly 25 minutes long. Each section covers an aspect of lensball photography in depth.
  • Level - The course is aimed at people who are familiar with settings like aperture and shutter speed, like creative photography, and want to learn a new technique in greater detail. If you're a beginner it's possible to pick this up, but there is a steeper learning curve.
  • Equipment - You'll need a lensball, and a camera that allows you to control the aperture. Additional equipment like a tripod, and lighting for off camera flash will sometimes help but isn't needed to enjoy this course.

The Floating Lensball

One of my best kept secrets is the technique involved in making the lensball float in mid-air. Buy Globalise and discover exactly how to take this type of photo.

Taking the photo

You'll learn the photos you'll need to take in preparation for this type of photo. The equipment setup is key to this, and you'll see how this is done by watching the video.

Post processing

Once you have the photos you need you'll be taken through a step by step approach to post processing the results.

The Basics Of Lensball Photography

Get to grips with lensball photography by building from firm foundations. This section will give you the key skills, and then you can build from there to more complex subjects.

  • Upside down image - A key effect withing the Lensball, learn how to deal with this.
  • The background - Get control of your photo by getting the background right.
  • The main subject - Get an interesting subject inside the crystal ball.
  • Placing the ball - Learn innovative approaches to controlling the ball so it stays still.

Lensball Portrait Photography

Take your portrait photography to new creative heights by adding lensball portraits to your repertoire!

Different compositions

Will you place your model within the ball, or have them outside the ball?

The Lensball as a Prop

The lensball is versatile, use it as a prop for your portrait session!


The course will teach you about lighting when using a lensball, bring this to your portrait work!

Adding Creativity To Lensball Photos

Now you have a feel for lensball photography, it's time to add the x factor! Find out how much more creative you can become with the lensball!

  • Multiple balls - Learn how to use more than one ball in the same scene.
  • Still life - Create compelling lensball photos without needing to leave the house.
  • Post processing - Add that extra percent to your photos with post processing.
Buy today - $89.99Learn to light paint, and Illuminate your photography!

30 day money back guarantee

This course comes with a money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase simply contact creative photography school, and you can request a refund.

Testimonials For Globalise

Mathew Mallet

Just got a lens ball and watched various YouTube videos. Yours is by far the easiest to understand and it worked perfectly, thank you very much for sharing

Mathew Mallet
Jason Teale

This is a definitive and detailed course on a very eye-catching and unique form of photography. Simon takes you through every aspect and in great detail to make sure that you get the best results from your work.

Jason Teale
Sasha Don

I think that it’s a good tutorial for everyone, even for professionals who think that they already tried and know everything. Wonderful ideas for every kind of photography: landscape, architecture, portrait, etc.

Sasha Don

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30 day money back guarantee

This course comes with a money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase simply contact creative photography school, and you can request a refund.