Korea globalize workshop

What do you need to do now?

Thanks for signing up to the Globalize workshop, a workshop that specifically about crystal ball photography. I hope you'll enjoy your experience, too help that happen please read the following. After reading the next step is to fill out the form at the bottom of this page, please fill it out in full.

Once your place on the course is confirmed, and the dates you will attend decided I will reply by e-mail with a meeting location. Please don't be late!

What do I need to bring?

If you have a crystal ball bring it, or one can be provided. Please indicate your preference. The following equipment is either highly recommended or essential.

  • Crystal ball, which can be provide for you.
  • dSLR camera or camera capable of long exposure - Essential
  • Standard lens - Essential
  • Macro lens - Highly recommended
  • Wet weather protection for you and the camera - Highly recomended

Please fill out the form

In order to complete your registration for the course please fill out the form below. You receive a confirmation e-mail once this form has been filled out. Many thanks, and see you at the workshop!