Welcome to the tutorials page of Creative Photography School. This is where you'll get lots of tips and tricks for subjects like Lensball photography, Light painting and many other types of creative photography.

Your Instructor

Hi I'm your instructor at Creative Photography School, my name is Simon Bond. I'm an experienced photographer currently based in South Korea, but I'm from the U.K.

My signature style of photography is with the Lensball, though when I started taking photos with this it was but a humble crystal ball. I've written many articles for this website, and other websites like Digital Photography School. Here you'll find a collection of these, and I hope they're a useful resource for your photography.

Free Lensball Tutorials

Here you'll learn from the Lensball photography expert, Simon has extensive knowledge to pass on to you.

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Simon has written more articles on this subject than probably anyone else! Here he's chosen a selection of these, to help you get the most out of your Lensball. You'll learn to avoid the pitfalls of using the Lensball, and through scouting for the right location to place the ball you'll also avoid the ball falling down! Want to learn some more advanced tips and tricks, then why not read about taking night time Lensball photos!

Bonus Light Painting Articles

The dynamic world of light painting photography is one of Simon's favourite types of creative photography.

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In this section learn more about the less well known light painting techniques of kinetic light painting. Find out all about using an LED light-stick to bring your light painting to a whole new level. Then get the best tips to improve your traffic light trail photography, which is a very popular form of light painting photography.

Even More Creative Photography Ideas

Want to master more creative photography techniques, then look no further than this interesting selection of ideas.

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You've come to the right place to expand your knowledge base in photography techniques like infra-red, refraction, reflection, silhouettes and water photography. Simon loves to experiment with new ideas, and you can quickly pick up these photography techniques as well by reading about them in Simon's blogs.

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