Food Photography Gallery

This set of photos showcases a food photography gallery built up by creative photographer Simon Bond. The food photography here shows examples of food at a restaurant, but also food lit by studio lighting.

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Photograph the meal

Care needs to be taken when photographing food in a restaurant. You don't want to be a nuisance and disturb other diners. There will be some restaurants that don't even allow this type of photography. Nevertheless it's popular, especially in the age of the smart phone. If you wish to photograph your meal, then aim to keep the process quick. Look for a simple composition, and if possible choose to sit in a location with good natural lighting.

Studio food photography

Having spent time preparing some amazing food, you'll want to remember it at it's best before eating it. To do this it's best to take a stage photo of your food! Think about the background, the food arrangement, and where to put the plates. Then get the best photo possible by using studio lighting equipment for your photo.

Cooking the food

Another aspect of food photography is cooking the food itself. This could be photos of a chef in the kitchen, perhaps creating the food you'll photograph later. Equally it could be street photos of hawkers cooking their food in a night market.