Creative Photo Stream

Welcome to the creative photo stream of Simon Bond, who runs the Creative Photography School website and blog. Here you'll see a selection of his photos old and new.

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His style of photography is eclectic. You'll see a variety of photography here. The creative techniques like Lensball photography and light painting will of course be here. Other concepts like long exposure and infra-red photography can be see as well.

As you'll have seen elsewhere on the site Simon is an active travel photographer and trip leader as well. That means you'll enjoy his travel imagery as well, everything from landscapes, street scenes, to the odd bit of food photography!

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Creative Photography Albums

In this section of the website discover photos that have been categorized by technique or subject. The creative photo stream covers all types of photography, and acts as a learning resource for photography.

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Click on an album that interests you, and then browse the photos for both inspirations and ideas for your photography. Finally if you see a photo you really like, why not click on it. You'll then learn more detail about how that photo was taken, and the camera settings used to create the image.

Finally when you're finished look at one particular technique, simply click a tab to return to the creative photo stream. You'll now be able to look at a new technique, or why not browse photos by country in the section dedicated to travel photography.

Destination Photography Albums

Discover different parts of the world through Simon's eyes. Simon is an avid traveler, and has so far visited over 30 countries, mainly in Asia and Europe.

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This section of the creative photo stream concentrates on photos by location. Click on a country that interests you, and learn a little more about some of the places of interest, and food you could eat there. When you select the photo you'll learn all about how the image was taken, and beyond that more information about the background to the photo. You'll be able to know where these photos were taken, and when possible how to access the photography location yourself.