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MeSimon Bond is a travel photographer based in Asia who has successfully used a series of creative in camera techniques in the publishing world. Those images transform scenes that have been taken many times before into something unique. Today is your chance to learn many of his secrets. If you’re already familiar with using refraction this course will give you fresh ideas to kick start your own creativity. If you’re new to this type of photography, welcome to the definitive guide. This course goes beyond refraction with a crystal ball and covers many of the other areas of photography that uses refraction as well. Refraction occurs not only in glass balls, but also with water if it has curvature, such as inside a water-drop. In this course you’ll learn how your crystal ball can be used in portraiture, how to handle the inversion of the image inside the ball, and how the ball can be used in still life photography. Indeed this course will also show you the basics of still life photography with a light box, on the cheap. If you’re still not convinced you can see a portfolio of Simon’s refraction work here.

  • 3 hours of videos that take an in depth look at refraction photography
  • The course is divided into 4 sections. Glass balls, Wine glasses, Marbles and water drops.
  • 19 individual videos that breaks down all aspects of refraction photography into bite size chunks.
  • Over 7000 words of accompanying notes on word documents to complement the videos
  • The example photos shown in the tutorials are included with the package
  • Learn about still life photography
  • Learn how to make and use a lightbox using objects from a craft shop

Equipment needed for the 4 modules Crystal ball, Marble, Wine glass, Camera Strobe, Flash trigger, Flash receiver (Waterdrops section only, 3 of the videos) No crystal ball? – Buy it from here No flash trigger and receiver? – Try these Equipment that would be helpful DSLR camera, Macro lens, 2 tripods

Refraction images

Simon’s work has appeared on multiple occasions in the press, here are those clippings. MetroSawasdeeMay2012_optimized 1_1061_DP151Sawasdee - July - Nagoya In addition to these Simon has also seen his work appear in 2 of the UK’s largest newspapers, these were the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph.

“This is a definitive and detailed course on a very eye-catching and unique form of photography. Simon takes you through every aspect and in great detail to make sure that you get the best results from your work” – Jason Teale, website.

“It’s great information that you shared, and good material for those who are trying to shoot artistic photographs, and always need an inspiration.
I think that it’s a good tutorial for everyone, even for professionals who think that they already tried and know everything. Wonderful ideas for every kind of photography: landscape, architecture, portrait, etc.” – Sasha Don, website.