Creative Photography Blog

This is the creative photography blog for this website, written by professional photographer Simon Bond.

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Simon Bond has been blogging for many years, and featured prominently on the well known photography education website digital photography school. Here Simon runs a creative photography blog, where he writes in more detail about the creative photography techniques you can enjoy in his photo stream. The blog includes the occasional top ten post, but is mainly about "how to" articles. Simon hopes you enjoy the articles on here, and will find them a valuable resource for your photography.

Ten top photos of 2019

It's almost the end of another year, so of course it's time to take a look through my archives! In ...
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Ten Creative Spring Photography Images

Spring is a great time to be alive, all that rebirth, it's certainly time for some creativity! Here you'll see ...
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Lensball photography in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa photographed at night through a crystal ball.

Lensball night photography

Photography is all about how you capture the light, at night time you'll be capturing artificial light. This is a ...
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Photography Stream

Welcome to the photo stream of Simon Bond, who runs the Creative Photography School website and blog. Here you'll see a selection of his photos old and new.

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His style of photography is eclectic. You'll see a variety of photography here. The creative techniques like Lensball photography and light painting will of course be here. Other concepts like long exposure and infra-red photography can be see as well.

As you'll have seen elsewhere on the site Simon is an active travel photographer and trip leader as well. That means you'll enjoy his travel imagery as well, everything from landscapes, street scenes, to the odd bit of food photography!