3 big tips to take powerful refraction photos in a crystal ball.

I was recently asked to give my 3 biggest tips for taking photographs with a crystal ball by one of my follower, thanks Graham Edwards for your interest in my work. As most people know I’ve been taking photos with the crystal ball now for many years, and have a lot of experience with what…

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Creative photography techniques, and getting published.

One of the main ambitions for a lot of photographers is to get published, and so when I talk to other photographers they’ll sometimes ask me about my experience in the publishing world. In today’s blog I’m going to shed a little light on my own experiences, and how creative techniques have sometimes given me…

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New beginnings

Welcome everyone to my new blog, a blog dedicated to good photography with a twist. As a photographer I’m somewhat hard to pin down to a particular style, I’ve always liked eclecticism and this also shows in my photography. I do have 2 things I particularly enjoy though, and they are travel photography, and creative…

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