Lensball night photography

Lensball photography in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa photographed at night through a crystal ball.

Photography is all about how you capture the light, at night time you’ll be capturing artificial light. This is a fascinating time to take photographs, and in today’s article you’ll learn how you can do that with your lensball! A lot of what you do during the day will be the same, but lensball night…

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Seven deadly Lensball mistakes

Lensball mistake are often made by photographers who are new to this genre. In this article you’ll get lots of tips and advice to improve your crystal ball photography with a Lensball.

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Four great Lensball photography ideas

Having a lensball is a lot of fun, it’s a fulfilling form of photography that let’s you photograph in a creative way. What if I told you there are ways you can be even more creative with the ball? You’d want to know about that wouldn’t you? In this article you’ll see a number of…

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