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Thanks for your interest in my photography. It's possible to buy or license images here. Though first you'll need to choose whether you're buying a print, or licensing an image for commercial or editorial usage. In either case please contact me to negotiate a price using the contact form below.

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Buy a Creative Photography School Print

Do you want to see one of the photos you've seen at creative photography school hanging on your wall? Then this is for you.

  • Shipping - Simon Bond is currently based in South Korea, and can arrange for international shipping of your print.
  • The print - Currently Simon only offers printing, and not framing of the picture for those outside of South Korea.
  • Price - The price you pay will depend on the size of print you decide to get, once again this needs to be negotiated.
  • Packaging - Prints will be rolled into a tubular container, and then shipped by airmail. The price of this will be included in the price, and the price will go up or down depending on the price of this.

License Creative Stock Photography

If you're buying stock photography images you're likely familiar with this business model.  Large companies like Getty images and Corbis dominate the market, and they're able to call the shots. In the past collaborating with such companies has been a good income, with rights managed sales of over $6000. That's a lot of money, even with in that case Getty images taking 70% of it.

The days of earning an income from stock seem to be behind us though. If the business model seemed against the photographer when the agency took 70% or 80% of the fee, well those were in fact the good days. Now they still take a large cut of the fee, only the money they charge is considerably less than what they used to charge. This all means, with the exception of a few photographers who run stock photography factories, that the days of this as an income stream seem to be gone.

The question is how do you as a consumer feel about buying an image, knowing the original creator gets so little? The cost of producing the best photos can actually be quite high. If it's travel related you have accommodation costs, transport costs, and entrance fees to factor into the cost of making an image. You may well need to repeat a trip as well, as the best images need good weather conditions. How about those portrait photos the stock agencies so love? This usually means hiring a model, and perhaps a studio. None of this comes cheap, and there is no increase in the percentage in royalties for photos that feature people.

Now it can be different

If you don't like the sound of any of the above I don't blame you. I doubt many are truly aware of the poor deal photographers now face. If you're truly supportive of the people creating the images you use then paying micro-stock prices isn't the way forward. I know lots of photographers, I've yet to meet any who do well from the micro-stock business model.

So how about this? How about licensing the image directly from Creative Photography School. Without the middle man taking an 80% cut it's possible for me to offer you a competitive price for a royalty free image. The price ranges from $80 for small file sizes, up to $200 for large file sizes. These are royalty free, and come in at 50% of the price Getty images is offering.

To take advantage of this please contact me on the form below.

To buy or license an image please contact me. When you contact me please clearly state the title of the photo you wish to use. Then if you're licensing the image please detail how that photo will be used by you or your company. Those wishing to buy a print should let me know the size you wish to print at in cm.

You can contact me using the form to the left


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Phone - +82 10 43459007

Creative Stock Photography Portfolio

The journey into stock photography began for Simon Bond in 2008. At this time he was an active member of the Flickr photography website, and was chosen as a beta tester for the Getty images Flickr collaboration. This began well with earning of $1000 per month, with one sale earning $1400 alone.

The collapse in the stock photography market in recent years has seen Simon re-direct his efforts away from this form of income, he no longer see's it as a viable model. Nevertheless the portfolio he built up is still available on Getty images. You can visit his portfolio, and if you wish you can license his images from Getty. Keep in mind that as a creator he'll only receive 20% royalties, and if you're finding his work through Creative Photography School he encourages you to contact him directly to license images. Please note he can't license images that are already on the Getty images website, as they ask for exclusivity before accepting images.

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