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Globalise - The Lensball Photography Course

Learn to take Lensball photos like these!

The interest in Lensball photography is growing all the time, and there are plenty of resources to learn how best to use this creative piece of equipment. Globalise is the complete guide to Lensball photography. A great place to learn how to utilise more than one ball, take portraits with the lensball, and how to make the Lensball float.

I'm Simon Bond of Creative photography school, and I've been photographing with Lensballs long before they were called Lensballs. I understood the potential of a crystal ball as an external lens optic, and have devoted many years to refining these images. Now you can learn all the tips and tricks I have, to make the best of this amazing technique.

Go GlobalLearn more about lensball photography

Illuminate - The Light Painting Photography Course

Get creative and light up your photography today!

Light painting is one of the most creative photography techniques you can learn. In illuminate you'll learn many aspects of this genre, from which your photography will improve. This course looks at both regular light painting, and kinetic light painting. Kinetic light painting can be a lot of fun when done well, and you'll learn about the best situations to practice it. The course also focuses on using light sticks to get amazing results, whether that's a DIY light stick, or the more expensive LED light sticks now on the market.

As a creative photographer I've experimented with this form of photography for a long time. My first light paintings were long exposure car light trails, and kinetic zoom burst photos. These are techniques I now have over a decades experience in, and I'm now going to pass all the knowledge I have gained in these techniques to you. So improve your creative photography today and learn more about illuminate by clicking the link below.

Illuminate your photoslearn more about light painting photography

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